Aluminum is one of the most abundant metals in the world and is known for its lightness, strength and corrosion resistance. Although untreated aluminum profiles are sufficient for most applications, there are many valid reasons for surface treatment of aluminum. These include coloring, increasing the corrosion resistance and hardness of the metal, preventing wear and providing additional reflective power.

ARTE successfully applies surface treatments such as anodizing and electrostatic powder coating, which are preferred today. günümüzde tercih edilen eloksal ve elektrostatik toz boyama gibi yüzey işlemlerini başarı ile uygulamaktadır.




Although the applications of anodized coating and electrostatic powder coating differ in terms of processes, both are high-quality surface treatments used on aluminum extrusions.

The oxidation of a profile that has gone through the extrusion process is a natural process. The anodized coating accelerates oxidation and thickens the natural oxide layer. This process preserves the metallic appearance of aluminum. Since it is a preferred material for decorative purposes, it is a commonly used process. The surfaces of anodized profiles, which offer long-term corrosion protection, are soft and satin matt. The result is an almost unlimited lifespan with minimal maintenance.

For indoor aluminum extrusion applications the top layer is between 5 and 15 microns and for outdoor applications it is between 15 and 25 microns.




Electrostatic powder coating is one of the most commonly used surface treatments for aluminum profiles. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

This finish, which is applied to the aluminum profile for both decorative and protective purposes, is achieved by electrostatically charging the powder, which consists predominantly of a mixture of finely sieved resin and pigment, spraying it onto the profile and forming a smooth layer is melted in the hardening furnace

The features of electrostatic powder coating include all-weather suitability, good adhesion and processing properties, excellent resistance to UV rays and corrosion, and high color repeatability.

When it comes to surface treatments, anodizing and painting, Arte puts quality first.

This has also been proven by obtaining the QUALANOD and QUALICOAT certificates.